Let the celebration continue! Nothing can hold back the vibrant and eccentric French brand that, after joyfully commemorating its 10th anniversary last year, continues to revel...



Like the Archies top ten hit that inspired their name, these glasses have soft and caressing curves... And they don't lack rhythm or style! The tricolour endpiece adds a subtle pop to this deliciously sweet design.


Dare to show all? To put on a show like never before? As many adventures as SHOW UP has to offer... These chunky curved spectacles make a statement and put on an even more spectacular show thanks to their colour palette. The perfect frame for those who want to turn every day into a one-woman show!


Set the dance floor or everyday reality on fire with NIGHT CLUB! These extremely comfortable glasses with light, slim curves will make you want to skip through the day. Deliciously festive and retro: the perfect combo!


Charismatic and chunky, these masculine glasses are designed to make life a party. Opulent: the BIG TIME range is not afraid to show its finery and contours and much less its colours! Designed in organic materials that bring ethics and aesthetics together.


Like a vibrant echo of electric energy on the dance floor, GOOD VIBES exude vitality. Spicy and stylish, they adorn the eyes and extend their positive energy into their voluptuous curves: a collage around the frame creates a colorful vibration. These are the glasses that will truly make you vibrate!


Reinventing masculinity with boldness and creativity? Challenge accepted with the fearless FUNK OUT. These chic and fun eyewear feature a neo-vintage silhouette, highlighted on top by a bold color line. The perfect combination to funk up men's glasses with elegance!


Take a step aside and step into the spotlight with SHINE ON! Glamorous and mischievous, this highly feminine optical bursts with delightfully seventies’ vibrant colors. Subtle? Absolutely. Iconic? Certainly.


Get back on the runway with the iconically perfect COME ON! As unexpected as they are easy to wear, these sensually feline glasses will bring out your femme fatale, claws and all! Feel the power and make your life a show with the feminine and feline COME ON! These easy-to-wear glasses promise to give you the diva life you deserve...that’s all there is to it.


Charm and charisma meet and mingle in the MARRY ME range of passion and excitement! These inspired glasses are the result of a happy marriage between two shades of colour that blend at the front. Play on the diagonals and wed the colours with the bold and sharp MARRY ME range! Glasses designed for the great adventure of love...or life!


Reinvent yourself boldly by daring to wear the striking curves of NEW RULES! This dazzling and resolutely avant-garde model cultivates originality everywhere: meticulous lines give it an unmistakable look, which explodes in a palette of colour that is as bright as it is intense. Want to surprise yourself and be one step ahead of the trend? Don’t be afraid to break the mould by choosing the intense and vivid NEW RULES range!


Want to travel? To see amazing places for a change of scene? We’ve got you covered: the exquisitely spellbinding BOLLYWOOL– which will transport you to India in a flash. Looking at you with puppy-dog eyes. They are as seductive and captivating as the best Bollywood actresses. They are adorned with fiery colours and skilfully combined mandala patterns. Will you dare to be swept away by BOLLYWOOL’s exotic energy? Now boarding!


Who? What? How? You don’t really know, but one thing is for sure: you’ll not say no to life by choosing the stylish and adventurous SAY YES! Sophisticated, elegant lines, a feast for the eyes in trendy colours... take the plunge and SAY YES!


Skilfully designed. Deliciously stylish and precious. These glasses are as trendy as a roof terrace in New York. Life is better... when you’re on top of the world! Cut a dash and reach the pinnacle of cool with the ROOF TOP range: their stylish curves reveal all their panache and luster in a range of seventies-inspired colours. We’ll see you there!


No, you’re not dreaming: stand out from the crowd with the fantastic and breathtaking SHORT CUT frames! A square shape full of personality combines with colourful touches full of originality... The perfect recipe for a nononsense look! Make your life easier and take the shortest route to style with our SHORT CUT range! These sleek spectacles are the perfect recipe for enhancing your look with originality. Effective and bold!


Is it the square shape of this model that flexes your muscles? Or the skilfully designed Italian-made frame? We don’t know, but what we do know is that they promise to help you perform at your best. A hard workout? So easy and obvious! Finally... Only choose the masculine and daring WORK OUT range if you dare. The world is at your feet, all you have to do is go with the flow.


Perfectly balanced - from their curves to their colourful combinations - you’ll find it hard to keep your hands off the NEVER MIND range. Already have glasses? No big deal: with NEVER MIND, nothing is too good for you; least of all this model with its perfectly balanced lines!


Like a coach or using positive thinking, you’ll not smile wide enough with the masculine and assertive HOLD UP range... Feel the power! These vibrant HOLD UP men’s glasses are a joy to wear: just put them on and everything is better. Right?



Stretch out, relax and rest with panache, choosing the subtle CHILL OUT! The light and playful line of these glasses makes them sparkle in their simplicity. Spectacles that cherish the good life... Take charge with style!


You’re highly intelligent, and you know it. For well-deserved breaks, these quirky vintage-inspired mixed spectacles lead the way! They are pervaded by colour and shaken coir materials. Give yourself a break: you’ll end up radiant, relaxed and always smart – just like your NO BRAINER.


A new shape and colours for LOOP IN! These spectacles evoke the vapour trails aeroplanes create in the sky: a collage wraparound the eye to draw a loop... Gliding flight full of poetry and lightness.


Invite happiness and celebration into your everyday life with PARTY TIME! The seamless graphic line of these spectacles is an invitation to excitement and spontaneity. The showstopper? A vibrant arch with popping colours is a real eye-catcher. Spectacles designed to refine empowerment and relaxation!


From the airstrip to the catwalk, RUNWAY impress with their daring, conquering energy. The glasses are shaped by movement, transporting you to other skies: an imaginary line traverses the design, giving it aesthetic power. Head towards the light!


Treat yourself to the flight captain’s glasses with ON BOARD: a crown bridge and tapered arm give these spectacles an aviator vibe. Sophisticated and masculine, they reverse classic codes and assert their difference by daring to take colour... and control. Meet in the cockpit?


Unfasten your seat belt and dare to explore weightlessness with MAY DAY: these chic glasses give you confidence, even in the craziest situations. A small metal detail flawlessly embedded in the acetate evokes an aeroplane seat belt, with lots of style and precision. Taking style to the next level!